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SUNDOWNER @SUMUR SAND DUNES  At the tranquil Sumur Sand Dunes, surrounded by mountain ranges & the convergence of rivers, spend an evening with wine/chang & cheese.

SUNDOWNER @MEADOWS  : An evening of wine, charcuterie, and cheese with a gorgeous setting and even more lovely backdrop as the three separate mountain ranges are all around you.

SUNDOWNER @THE COTTAGE SITOUT : A cozy bonfire will keep you warm throughout a night of wine or cheese with a private romantic setup directly behind your cottage.

Picnic  : Enjoy a specially crafted high tea experience in the seclusion of our valley meadows, amidst the majestic Ladakh mountains and the background sounds of the river and the wild.

Dining Under The Elms : Under our Siberian elms, one of the most romantic experiences for a couple may be had. a five-course tasting menu made up of Ladakh's diverse cheese varieties and local products. The starry heavens and mountain backdrop enhance its memorability.

Stargazing @Sumur Sand Dunes : The ideal, pollution-free high-altitude mountain getaway is Nubra Valley. Explore the stunning Sumur Sand Dunes while admiring the exquisite night sky.

Cultural Dance & Music : We occasionally invite singers and a local Ladakhi traditional dance troupe to perform for our guests so they may experience a bit of Ladakhi culture.

Culinary Experiences 

MOMO-MAKING : Gain the gentle technique of hand-rolling the ideal dumpling the way it has been done for years by learning the culinary secrets of preparing authentic Momos, our juicy local favorite.

LADAKHI CUISINE : Discover the nutritious Ladakhi cooking style that has won over the palates of gourmets all over the world.

Karakoram Dining : Enjoy a straightforward, healthy Ladakhi lunch made with whole grains at a 400-year-old ancestral home close to the Karakoram Mountains along the ancient silk road, cooked by local women.

The Farm Table : A communal lunch table has been set up at our farms, and it includes a village walk, a thorough tour of the farm, and an explanation of the various aspects of sustainable agriculture, which has long been practiced by Ladakhis. A fantastic farm lunch with breathtaking views of the Karakoram mountain serves as its climax.

Movie Under the Stars :Enjoy popcorn and a variety of hot and cold beverages while watching a movie beneath the breathtaking starry skies of Nubra Valley.

Mountain Biking : You are on the tallest motorable road in the world. Take a risk and select one of our unique need-for-speed biker specials, which include meals, lodging, and mountain biking for a single fixed price.

Mindfulness & Yoga at the Monastery : an opportunity to re-establish your connection with yourself through our specialized mindfulness training, developed in cooperation with and blessed by Samstanling Monastery.

Sunset Yoga at the Sand Dunes : A yoga class in front of the Nubra and Shyok rivers, at the intersection of three mountain ranges, would be breathtaking.

Yoga at Yarab Tso : Yoga session with a magnificent view in the midst of nowhere at one of the holiest and highest lakes in Nubra valley.

Spa : With the help of our regional spa rituals that use natural products and tried-and-true original therapeutic techniques, rejuvenate and find yourself.

Old House Museum :This 400-year-old ancestral home is a time capsule from bygone eras where you may study Ladakhi customs & Old Silk Route. A stunning woman dressed in traditional garb will welcome you with a cup of butter tea and some Ladakhi goodies when you arrive.

Seasonal Experiences : You will have adventures that will make you smile and make priceless memories that will last a lifetime, from hand-picking delicious fruits to harvesting local produce with local farmers.

Bonfire : The warmth, the mood, and the camaraderie around the bonfire are everything. All of our visitors have access to a communal bonfire area, but we also provide a campfire behind each cottage for those who want a more private setting.

Ladakhi Kitchen/ Tea Station ft.Bird Watching Spot :The Ladakhi Kitchen, Tea Station, and Bird Watching Spot are shared in the common arrangement. Join the village woman as she makes Ladakhi breakfast and enjoy a cup of hot tea while you watch rare birds at Lchang Nang, a sanctuary for hundreds of different species of birds.

Guided Walks : Anywhere you go, walking is the best method to discover the people, places, and cultures. The Lchang Nang team has selected a few wonderful guided treks in the Kyagar area.

Stargazing :The ideal, pollution-free high-altitude mountain getaway is Nubra Valley. Through our "Star Gazing Session" on our patio, be mesmerized by the brilliant nighttime skies of Nubra Valley.


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