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Tranquebar is 35 Kilometres north of Nagappattinam abutting the Bay of Bengal. The Danes landed at this place in 1620 AD. It was already a pre-existing village, when the Danes landed. This is borne out by the temple on the seashore , which is crumbling now due to the sea ingress. Maravarama Sundarapandian, a later Pandya King, constructed this temple called the Masilamani Natha temple in 1305 AD. The Danes constructed fortifications on the coast at Tranquebar. This was the only busy trade centre on the Coromandal coast for the Danes. This fort was a busy trade centre till 1845 AD when the Danes handed over the fort to the English. It was used as a Public Works Department Travellers Bungalow for government servants and colonials till 1977 AD. This fort was declared as a protected monument by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamilnadu in 1977 AD>


Transport Facilities 

 Bus facilities are available to this place from Nagapattinam, Mayiladuthurai, Poompuhar, Sirkali and Chidambaram. This paper documents the restoration and conservation of southern portion of the Danish Fort (Dansborg) at Tranquebar in Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu. This fort was constructed in 1620 AD and was badly in need of conservation. The restoration was done according to archaeological principles. It involved a Participatory Approach involving the local people, a group of Danes called the Friends of Tranquebar Society, State and Central Government agencies and even private companies. This was the first such large scale work undertaken under the auspices of the State Department of Archaeology & Museums in its history. The restoration was a success judged by the feedback received from the local people as well as the national and international attention it received. The Danes constructed a big wall all around the settlement of Tranquebar, which they modelled after small European towns of the 17th Century AD. The Land Gate with wooden doors was the way leading to Kings Street was constructed during 1792 AD. King's Street is the main street in this small settlement. The Dansborg, the Danish fort built by Ove Gedde in 1620 AD.    


Other places of Interest 

Danish Port - Built in 1620 exists to exhibit Danish architecture. The fort is now under the control of TamilNadu Archeological Department, houses an archaeological Museum. This museum is open on all days except Friday. 

Zion's Church - It was built in 1701.It was renovated in 1782-84. 

Town Gateway - It was built in 1792 on Danish Architectural style, and renovated recurring by ASI. 

Masilamani Nathar Temple -  This Temple built in 1305 A.D by Maravarma Kulasekara Pandiyan exhibits outstanding architectural skills. 

 Danish Governor Bungalow - This building got its name as it was used as residence of Danish Governor in 1784. 

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Tranquebar Guided Tour in Mayiladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu  adventurous activities  Fort at Tam  

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