Hotel Name Rating WiFi Location Starting Price Action
RTDC Samdhani Resort Jaisalmer Rajasthan N/A Sam Dhani Jaisalmer
INR 4,000.00 Book
RTDC Ghoomar Hotel Jodhpur Rajasthan N/A RTDC High Court Road
INR 4,000.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Teej Jaipur Rajasthan N/A Bani Park
INR 2,500.00 Book
RTDC Tiger Den Resort Sariska Rajasthan N/A Sariska
INR 2,350.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Shikhar Mount Abu Rajasthan N/A Mount Abu
INR 2,300.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Gangaur Jaipur Rajasthan N/A Near Khasa Kothi
INR 1,600.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Khadim Ajmer Rajasthan N/A Civil Lines - Ajmer
INR 1,500.00 Book
RTDC Panna Hotel Chittorgarh Rajasthan N/A Chittorgarh
INR 1,400.00 Book
RTDC Gavdi Talab Hotel Jhalawar Rajasthan N/A Jhalawar
INR 1,300.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Chambal Kota Rajasthan N/A Kota
INR 1,300.00 Book
RTDC Dhola Maru Hotel Bikaner Rajasthan N/A Near Major Puran Singh Circle
INR 1,200.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Swagatam Jaipur Rajasthan N/A Jaipur
INR 1,200.00 Book
RTDC Motel Mahuwa Rajasthan N/A Jaipur - Agra Road
INR 1,200.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Panihari Pali Rajasthan N/A Pali
INR 1,200.00 Book
RTDC Gokul Hotel Nathdwara Rajasthan N/A Nathdwara
INR 1,200.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Shilpi Ranakpur Rajasthan N/A Ranakpur
INR 1,100.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Moomal Jaisalmer Rajasthan N/A Sam Road - Jaisalmer
INR 1,000.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Meenal Alwar Rajasthan N/A Alwar
INR 950.00 Book
RTDC Motel Barr Ajmer-Jodhpur Rajasthan N/A Ajmer - Jodhpur Road
INR 900.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Sarovar Pushkar Rajasthan N/A Pushkar
INR 800.00 Book
RTDC Saras Hotel Bharatpur Rajasthan N/A Bharatpur
INR 700.00 Book
RTDC Hotel Haveli - Fatehpur / Rajasthan N/A Fatehpur
INR 0.00 Book

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