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Days: 8
Night: 7

Private Tour 7 Night 8 Days Bihar Holidays Ex Bodhgaya(-)

Bihar Holidays 13  for 7 Nights 8 Days  Bodhgaya Patna Kushinagar Lumbini Sravasti Varanasi 

Bodhgaya - Bodhgaya is one of the most important and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage center in the world. It was here under a banyan tree, the Bodhi Tree, Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha,the Enlightened One. Born; in the foothills of the Himalayas as a Sakya prince of Kapilvastu (now in Nepal), most of the major events of his life, like enlightenment and last sermon, happened in Bihar. 

Patna - Patna once called Pataliputra the capital of Bihar,is among the world's oldest capital cities with unbroken history of many centuries as imperial metropolis. A very fertile arched stretch of land along the bank of the Ganga. The history and heritage of modern day Patna go back well over two millennia. Like Delhi, Patna too had been the regal seat of governance for successive kingdoms since ancient times. 

Kushinagar - Kushinagar - Set against a pastoral landscape, the small hamlet of Kushinagar, 53 km west of Gorakhpur, is revered as the site of the Buddha's Mahaparinirvana, his death and cremation, that marked his final liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth.During Buddha's lifetime, Kushinara, as it was then called, was a small town in the kingdom of the Mallas, surrounded by a thick forest cover. It remained forgotten, until the late nineteenth century, when archaeologists rediscovered the site, and began excavations. 

Lumbini - Lumbini is the place where the Buddha, known as the Tathagata* was born. It is the place which should be visited and seen by a person of devotion and which should cause awareness and apprehension of the nature of impermanence.' * Tathagata - One who has found the Truth. 

Varanasi - Varanasi (also known as Banaras) is one of the oldest living cities in the world and the ultimate pilgrimage for Hindus, who believe that to die in the city, is to attain instant salvation. Situated on the banks of the Ganga, Varanasi is the tract of Holy Land lying between the rivers Varuna and Assi. which flow into Ganga. Varanasi is also known as Kashi, the city of light, since of the twelve "Jyotirlinga" is installed here. Mark Twain, the American writer who visited the city, wrote: "Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, even older than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together". Varanasi has been a great cultural centre, especially in the fields of music, learning and the craft of silk weaving.

  • Day 1 - Bodhgaya
  • Day 2 - Bodhgaya / Patna
  • Day 3 - Patna / Kushinagar
  • Day 4 - Kushinagar / Lumbini
  • Day 5 - Lumbini / Sravasti
  • Day 6 - Sravasti / Varanasi
  • Day 7 - Varanasi / Bodhgaya
  • Day 8 - Bodhgaya out