INR 5,900.00
Days: 1

Private Indian Food Walk Tour of Jaipur()

Duration: 3 Hrs (Half Day Tour)

Jaipur also known as Pink City is one of the top tourist attractions in India due to it’s beauty, culture, history, people and of course food. Our purpose at Jaipur Food Tour is to present the best of this royal city to visitors from all over the world. A normal sightseeing tour doesn’t cover even half of what this amazing city has to offer. Scroll below and take a look at some offbeat travel options offered and choose one for yourself. Most of the tours can be customized to suit needs of guests, so feel free to contact us any time.

INR 7,300.00
Days: 1

Private Tour Jaipur Amber Fort WITH Elephant Ride()

Timing : 08:00 am To 12:00 noon 

Duration : 4 Hrs 

Pick up & Drop Place :Hotel in Jaipur City 

Amber Palace is located in Amer, a town located high on a hill originally built by Meenas and later it was ruled by Raja Man Singh. At Amer Fort you will see its artistic Hindu style elements with its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths the fort overlooking Maota Lake. Take an Jeep ride going up to the entrance of Amber Fort and then you will see the aesthetic ambiance of the palace within its walls constructed of red sandstone and marble. The attractive opulent palace is laid out on four levels each with a courtyard. It consists of the Diwan-e-Aam (Hall of Public Audience), the Diwan-e-Khas (Hall of Private Audience), the Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over a water cascade within the palace. You will also stop at Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal on the way for photo shoot.


INR 2,300.00
Days: 1

Dera Amer Elephant Safari Jaipur - Rajasthan()

Timing :

Morning Slot With Lunch : 11:00am To 14:30 hrs

Evening Slot With Dinner : 16:30 hrs To 20:00 hrs 

Duration : 4 Hrs

Pick up & Drop Place : Hotel in Jaipur City 

Dera Amer is a concept for the conservation of the several hundred hectares of wilderness as well as housing members of our family – the elephants & camels rescued from the rigours of the city life, as well as organic farming with sustainable solar powered pumps and drip irrigation.


Welcome to our programe‘Rhythm with the elephant’.


You will  get to interact with our resident elephants feeding them,washing and scrubbing them and decorating their trunks with organic colours-all in privacy and exclusivity at one of our exclusive wilderness venues and would have the option of sitting on the bare back of our elephants or simply strolling in the wilderness with them.


At the venue fresh farm home made food would be served to the guests for lunch or dinner,lot of the vegetables served which would be organic from our farm.


In the evenings there would be a private bon fire and barbecue,the venue lit by mashals,lanterns and lamps.


The most exhilarating and memorable experience in privacy with our family members the resident elephants in their natural habitat - Rangmala / Laxmi and the others rescued from their disturbing life in the city.



INR 8,000.00
Days: 1

Private Day Trip Abhaneri And Bhangarh Ex Jaipur With Guide(0)

Timing : 08:30 am to 05:30 pm

Duration : 8 Hrs

Pick up & Drop Place : Hotel in Jaipur City 

At the edge of the Sariska forest in Rajasthan lie’s the town of Bhangarh whose haunted status is  attracting scores of excursions. Known for its ruins, Bhangarh is also a pre-historic site. Legend states that the city of Bhangarh was cursed.

INR 2,800.00
Days: 1

Elephant Safari Activity in Jaipur Near Amer Fort - Jaipur With Driver()

Location : Jaipur

Duration : 2 Hrs 

Maximum for 100 People   

The Park is open at 11:00 AM & Close at 09:00 PM  

Everything begins with introduction! At the very instant you meet an elephant you have to let him/her catch your smell, that is how they know you. After that you need to comfort the elephant by stroking on trunk and talking at the same time. The contact here we are talking about is more spiritual than physical let the elephant your positive energy. 


Elephant language : The most astonishing thing here is that to communicate with elephants there is a certain language that they understand very well.We teach you some basics of this language so that you can communicate to elephants yourself.


Painting : Well painting will be one the most intriguing part of your visit. I call them as "MOVING CANVAS", as when you paint them you will experience the same. The color we use here are water colors easy to put easy to wash away keeping the skin of elephant safe.


Washing : The day of elephants begins with a shower by their respective Rider[Mahawat or Mahout].Later as the day progress they take dive in the Elephants Lake which is around 1.5Km from our farm and there you can also take dip with them and wash them with you own hands under the expert guidance of the Elephant riders.


A Bare Back walk : Now after being refreshed now is the time to take a walk with the gentle giants in the beautiful sanctuary. Where you will loose your heart for sure. you will get to have a majestic view of the jungle riding at the back of your elephant. 


Feeding : FOOD!! To tell you elephants love this part especially when the see bananas.The next Favorite in the list is Sugarcane. Elephants can eat continuously for hours!! yes they have a big appetite. At our farm we'll give you information on what and how we feed them what all special herbs we give them to beat the heat.  


INR 6,600.00

Private Tour of Jaipur Museum With Guide(0)

Duration : 8 Hrs (Full Day Tour)

Pick up & Drop Place : Hotel in Jaipur City 

Full Day Tour of  Anokhi Museum , Sanjay Sharma Museum and Research Institute, Dolls Museum,Alice Garg National Seashell

Museum,Gyan Museum, SRC Museum of Idology in Jaipur

INR 1,600.00
Days: 1

Private Transfer from Jaipur Airport/Hotel to Jaipur City Centre(0)


  • Airport taxes / Parking
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Hotel Pickup and Drop-off within Jaipur  City limits
  • With Driver and Fuel
  • All Inclusive


  • Gratuities

Welcome to Jaipur the city  .You will be transferred 24 x 7 Pvt Transfer from Jaipur  Airport / Jaipur  Railway Station to  Hotel or Vice a Versa  within Jaipur City Hotels with Safe and reliable driver and comfortable ride.Jaipur  is a city in northern India’s Rajasthan state.

Departure Point - From Airport / Agra Cant Railway Station or from your Hotel


Departure Time 

9 AM to 9 PM 

9 PM to 9 AM 

Return Details  - Drop To hotel in Agra or Airport / Agra Cantt Railway Station