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Destination:   Dhenkanal
Destination Type:   Cities
City:   Dhenkanal
Country:   India

It is the gateway to one of the most ancient forest covers of Orissa which shelters the elephants, tigers and numerous species of birds and beasts. The broad plains of the river Bramhani were the dwelling place of early homo-sapiens who lived on the berries and wild fruits before the advent of rice on these heavily watered expanses. The surrounding Sal forests come ablaze with the changing seasons making this district headquarters town focal point of trips to beautiful interiors.


Dhenkanal is a district headquarters town with a cluster of temples and archaeological remains. Kapilas, the serene hill of epic fame houses the hilltop shrine of Lord Chandra Sekhar Shiva with a cluster of other temples and a mediaeval fort. The foothill is perched with a Deer Park, a Science Park and a Panthasala- 26 km from Dhenkanal. Joranda (24 km) is the religious headquarters of Mahima Cult. 11 km south-east of Dhenkanal town is Saptasajya, a hill of uncommon scenic charm-ideal for outing.


Tikarapara, on the deep Satkosia Gorge of river Mahanadi, has a Gharial Sanctuary-120 km from Dhenkanal and 58 km from Anqul. The dense forest filled with colourful wildlife is a thrill to the searching eyes. Only 90 km from Angul, Deulajhari has come to limelight for the presence of a hot spring.

By Air : The Nearest Airport is Bhubaneshwar Airport 75 kms

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Dhenkanal

By Road : You can easily get regular buses to Dhenkanal from other major cities of the country.

Kapilas (16 km) : Temple of Chandrashekhara, Viswanath and Nrayan. The Sivaratri fair is held here with great pomp. Also nearby places like Saptasajya, and Joranda, seat of Mahima Cult can be visited. Mahashivaratri in Feb-march is observed with great-enthusiasm.


Tikarpada (120 km) : The site of one of the most fabulous vistas of river and forest, the Satkosia Gorge where the great Mahanadi river crashes with monumental force is an enervating, if dizzying, experiance. The meandering pace of the sensuous river through 22 km of thick forest offers scenic delights of the frothing, boiling water as it wends its way through the awesome gorge is considered to be one of the most enchanting spots in the world. It is an idealplace for white water rafting and other adventure sports. Located in these wonderous surroundings is the Gharial Sanctuary where Gharial crocodiles are bred. A success story of conservation, this crocodile breeding farm is a must for all wildlife enthusiasts.


Saptasajya (11 km) :  A place of scenic beauty, Saptasajya is situated at a distance of 11 kms from Dhenkanal. The place is ideal for picnic and relaxation. As legends would have it, the Pandavas spent some days of their incognito life in these hills. The Saptarishi temple and the temple of Raghunath attract a large number of persons on the Ramnavami day which falls in March-April. A small spring flowing close by enhances the beauty of the place.



Visit Kapilash Temple


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