Destination Details
Destination:   Kasauli
Destination Type:   Hill Station
City:   Kasauli
Country:   India

This small hill-station seems to live in a time warp that belongs to the 19th century. The narrow roads of Kasauli (1951 m) slither up and down the hillside and offer some magnificent vistas. Directly below is the spread of vast plains of Punjab and Haryana which as dakness falls, unroll a gorgeous carpet of twinkling lights. At 3647 m, the peak of Choor Chandni (also called the Choordhar) powerfully dominates the lower hills and across the undulating ranges, Shimla is visible.


The upper and lower malls run through Kasauli's length and one can enjoy long walks on it. A mixed forest of pine, oak and huge horse-chestnut encircles the town. Its colonial ambience is reinforced by a stretch of cobbled road, quaint shops, gabled houses with charming facades and scores of neat little gardens and orchards.



In winter, the temperature gets guite low and heavy woollens are required. In summer, the climate is mild and light woollens / cottons are recommended.

By Road : Kasauli is connected by road. 


By Rail : The closest broadgauge railhead is at Kalka, 37 km away. 


By Air : The closest airports are at Chandigarh, (65 km) and Shimla (73 km). Taxis and buses for Kasauli are available from Delhi, Chandigarh, Kalka and Shimla..

? Monkey Point : 3 ½ Km from Hotel Ros Common a hill which derives its name from Rishi Man-ki who used to worship an idol of Lord Hanuman ji and later the summit is crowned with a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and presently being looked after by the personnel of Air Force, stationed here. The area being restricted from security point of view, no belongings like Camera, bags are allowed.


? Other Attractions : An ancient Church is worth seeing located on the Upper Mall Road. A little above this place, there is a Central Research Institute established in 1906 by Dr. Sample, It prepares vaccines for treatment of typhoid, cholera, smallpox, and snake-bite and is only of its kind in Asia. Close to this there is Pasteur Institute founded in 1900 to produce antirabies vaccine against dog-bite There is yet another sanatorium for TB patients because of its heal thy most environment. TV Tower is an another land mark. Baptist Church established in 1923 is also worthseeing.


? Baba Balak Nath Temple : 3 km. On the Graner Hill top is a famous temple of Sidh Baba Balak Nathji. It is believed that Baba Balak Nath ji one night appeared in dreams to a local resident named Vijay Kumar and told him to built a temple at the place, where the present temple is located. This temple is of its own kind where many issueless couples visit to be blessed with a child, whose baptism ceremony is also performed in the same very temple. A number of photographs of such blessed children are the evidence, which are kept as record by Baba Vijay Kumar ji in the Temple.


? Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir : Built in 1989 by Sai Sudha Trust is a famous temple located half km away from Garkhal. The idol of Sai Baba was built at Jaipur and the burning flame in this Temple Signifies the divine power of Sai Babaji of Shirdi.


? Lawrence School : 5 km : Situated on the top of the hill is a famous Lawrence School. Sir Henry Lawrence was the founder of this School. He also built the first cottage in Kasuali known as Sunny side in 1848.

Visit Gilbert Trail & Christ Church Kasauli


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