By Air : The Nearest Airport is Madurai 110 kms , Coimbatore 170 kms.

By Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Kodaikanal Road.

By Road : There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Kodaikanal.

Make your way up to the foot hills of Kodaikanal for soothing air to embrace your body. The twisted road through the vegetation, the lower part of Kambam valley and Vaigai River, the Palani Hills encircling, the awesome weather round the year, homemade chocolates, marshmallows, the scent of pine and eucalyptus, souvenirs and curios from shops attracts the tourists. Kodaikanal is one of the fastest growing resort places.Located in the southern plains at the Dindigul district, Kodaikanal is the “Princess of hill stations” with bounded rocks, woods, serene lakes, calming air, splashing waterfalls, the misty clouds at the scenic spots, cycling around the lake, boating at the lake, trekking at the Perumalmalai, horse riding, balloon shooting, yoga center and for celebrating the wedding bliss “honeymoon”. The hill stands 7200 feet above sea level in the upper Palani Hills of the Western Ghats near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Hill-plantain fruits and plums delight the tongue. The surroundings of the hills mesmerize the tourists throughout the year.


This hill station is developed by the Americans. While looking out for a place to find peace, Lieutenant B. S. Ward in 1821, a British surveyor and the foreign missionaries of Madurai found this place. They travelled by horse, bullock cart and palanquin. Because of the climate and clean air, it became a popular site for them to relax and escape from summer. The Collector of Madurai during 1824 built a small bungalow at Kodaikanal and few churches and colonial structures also emerged in and around Kodaikanal. Union Church built in 1895, and a large number of private bungalows are the perfect examples of those structures. In 1863, Sir Vere Hendry Levinge, the Collector of Madurai, created the 60 acres Kodai Lake stocked with fish inside and the first boat from Tuticorin was brought which lead to the boat club. Church properties, summer holiday-homes, clubs, school and hotels, civic amenities were established. Now it has become a famous tourist spot.

Bryant Park : To admire nature with God’s beautiful creations of flowers, shrubs, trees and herbs, it is a perfect place for children fun and for clicking pictures. The flower show during summer will be a feast for the eyes.

Coakers Walk : It’s a pedestrian pathway for admiring the scenic valleys, snow-like clouds, and breathtaking views.

Kodai Lake : A star shaped lake for cycling, bike rides, horse-riding and pedestrian walks. Boating through the fog settling on the lake is the favorite of all tourists. Sometimes the smallest things in life will leave you with bigger memories.

Berijam Lake : This pathway to this most sterile lake scenic and it is a plastic free zone site. No sports activities are allowed as this lake is the source of drinking water.

Dolphin’s nose & Echo Point : Trekking towards the Dolphin’s nose amongst the bad roads and monkeys jumping all over, Echo Point has its way at the far end. The mountain responding back with the echo of voice is not the same just in movies but still is a wonderful experience.

Kurinjiandavar Temple : Located at 4 km from the lake with Lord Muruga as the deity. The temple is gives a clear view of Palani hills and Kodaikanal town. The flowers bloom once in 12 years.

Green Valley View/Suicide Point : With more than 5000 ft steep drop from this point, this place is been protected by valley around. The cross at the top of the mountain and monkeys draw attraction.

Cap’s Fly : Due to the atmospheric pressure, the caps or any light weighted things thrown towards the mountain will come back to you. It is a place for fun.

Devil’s Kitchen : It’s a deep hidden ravine with dark gutters. People who have fallen prey to this “devil’s trap” have not come back. Kindly, watch your step!

Guna Cave : After the Kollywood movie Guna, this cave was amongst people talks. It is a very steep cave that will suffer a free fall. Visitors are not much allowed.

Silver Cascade : Splashing waterfall before 4 kms from Kodaikanal. Travelling among the eucalyptus trees and having a shower in the cold water will be refreshing.


Visit Pine Forest, Pillar Rocks, Mannavanur Lake & Poombarai Village View


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