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Destination:   Pench
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City:   Pench
Country:   India

Tigers. Leopards. Jackals. And us humans. The Pench National Park, like it did in the iconic 'The Jungle Book', still brings humans in close contact with wildlife. Rudyard Kipling based Mowgli's adventures, and his battle with the furious Sher Khan, on this very place.Located in the southern reaches of the Satpura range, it is divided by river Pench into nearly two equal parts. This magnificent expanse shelters over 285 resident and migratory birds.Pench National Park, with its majestic tigers and several other animals and birds, will bring back the thrill you used to have, when watching Mowgli battle Sher Khan.


Pench Tiger Reserve comprises the Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, the Mowgli Pench Sanctuary and a buffer. The Park nestles in the Southern slopes of the Satpura ranges of Central India. The river Pench, which splits the National Park into two, forms the lifeline of the Park.


The area of the present tiger reserve has a glorious history. A description of its natural wealth and richness occurs in Ain-i-Akbari. Several natural history books like R. A. Strendale's 'Seonee - Camp life in Satpura Hills,' Forsyth's 'Highlands of Central India' and Dunbar Brander's 'Wild Animals of Central India' explicitly present the detailed panorama of nature's abundance in this tract. Strendale's semi-autobiographical 'Seonee' was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book

By Air : Sonegaon Airport, Nagpur is around 92 km from the park. Nagpur airport, connected to Delhi, Mumbai and major cities, is also the closest airport. Jabalpur (192 km) also serves as a convenient airhead with regular flights from Delhi.

By Rail : Nagpur (92 km) and Jabalpur (192 km) serve as a convenient railhead connected to Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities. Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Bilaspur trains halt at Nagpur.

By Road : National Highway 7 connects the Pench National Park to Nagpur. The drive time from Nagpur is 2 hrs and from Jabalpur is 4 hrs

Pench Reservoir : Migratory waterfowls including Brahminy Duck,Pochards,Barheaded Geese and Coots visit this spot in winters.

Avian Capital : The National Park has over 285 resident and migratory birds.

Piyorthadi : This rocky expanse is most famous to spot the elusive leopard.

Baghin Nala : In the past few seasons,the spot has been gaining fame for tigr sightings.

Where Vultures Dare : At least four of the endanfered vultures - the white=rumped vulture,long-billed vulture,white scavenger vulture ans king vulture-are found in good numbers in the reserve.

Sitaghat /Raiyakassa : Popular for spotting exotic birds,it also offers a scenic view of the Pench river.

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