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Double Occupancy Room (Foreigner)

Double Occupancy Room (Indian)

Nestled at the foot of the Maikal Hills, Sunny Upadhyay's Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat, in district Kabirdham, is a three hour drive from the modern city of Raipur, a journey that takes one gently rolling back in time. 



There are five rooms, all opening onto shady verandas that surround a central courtyard with numerous spots in which to lounge and snooze or read. A separate house on the edge of the compound with its own small kitchen for making tea and coffee is also available for those who want a bit of extra privacy and independence.


Food is delicious Chhattisgarhi village style, mainly vegetarian and more like the food you would find in Indian homes than hotels. It is one of the many things all guests comment on.



Sunny was born in nearby Kawardha and his joyful attitude to life, along with a deep sensitivity to the vulnerability of local tribal people has earned him a well deserved place in the hearts of all the villagers he takes you to meet.


A favourite trip is a cycle ride from Kanha National Park with an overnight camp enroute. Sunny has good Indian mountain bikes and luggage and camping kit is carried by car. 


Shorter local cycle rides are the best way to explore, and the area is safe and friendly enough for solo pottering. And for those who like running there is a wealth of road and trail routes available, plus plenty of laughing children to speed one on ones way.


The nearby seventh to eleventh century temple complex of Bhoramdeo with its exquisite carving is a five minute stroll away, and has an evening puja that is open to all: an exuberant burst of bells and smells and minor pyrotechnics.


07-15 Days before check in or else cancellation charges applicable.* For Refund thru Credit Card 5% Bank charges Applicable + Cancellation charge applicable as per hotel policy.

Inclusive of Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

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