Chevron Mountain Villa - Kausani / Uttaranchal

We have set out to create the kind of accommodation we ourselves would love to find. Be pampered at your room, where you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of home watching television. From the exteriors to the interiors of the rooms, everything is tastefully and elegantly designed to give it a very classy look. 


Let us travel you through Kausani traditions to discover the most enchanting moments and explore the heritage with a closer view of the grandeur of Himalayan scenery. The view of the snow covered Trishul and Nanda Devi group of Mountains. Especially of sun set & rise, famous all over the world for breathing view of Himalaya, Anashakti Ashram (Where Gandhi wrote "Anashaki yoga) Lakshmi Ashram. One of the best resorts to experience in in Kausani!!! 


Kausani to Nainital: 114 Km

Kausani to Mukteshwar: 101 Km

Kausani to Ranikhet: 60 Km


Type Of RoomsNo. Of Rooms


Cottage (2pax)4


Cottage Exterior

Exterior Cottage

Exterior Mountain Villa

Room Mountain Villa

Chevron Rosemount, Ranikhet


Himalayan View

Deluxe Room



Sight Seeing Spots : Sumitranandan Pant Gallery, Anasakti Ashram, Rudradhari Falls, Kausani Tea Estate, Sarla Ashram, Baijnath, Village walks, Golfing (Ranikhet)  


Address: Kausani, Distt Bageshwar, Uttaranchal Pradesh, India. Heritage
Hotel Type: heritage
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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Cottage (2 pax) 23-11-2020 to 23-12-2020 4500
Deluxe Room 23-11-2020 to 23-12-2020 4000
Cottage (2 pax) 24-12-2020 to 27-12-2020 6000
Deluxe Room 24-12-2020 to 27-12-2020 5500
Cottage (2 pax) 28-12-2020 to 29-12-2020 5000
Deluxe Room 28-12-2020 to 29-12-2020 4500
Cottage (2 pax) 30-12-2020 to 03-01-2021 6000
Deluxe Room 30-12-2020 to 03-01-2021 5500
Cottage (2 pax) 04-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 4500
Deluxe Room 04-01-2021 to 31-03-2021 4000