Jaldapara Jungle Camp - Jaldapara - West Bengal

Jaldapara: Conquer the magically experience of nature in one of the best wildlife sanctuary Jaldapara camp. This magnificent piece of land is maintained and established precisely for great Indian one-horned Rhinos. The rich and refreshing vegetation and thrilling vibes of wildlife can be felt around the rain forest of mischievous Torsha River. This is spectacular view is largely covered by the lush green grasslands. The mesmerizing Malangi River dancing from east to west spreads its charm around the nearby areas. 


Visitors can spot some of the rare and incredible species such as variety beagles, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, and the fearless ‘Shikra. These are not just all you may also find peafowl, Lizards, geckos, cobras and spell-binding species of turtles at their most natural behavior. 


Jaldapara camp gives unique experience to make visitor feel like a zoo-keeper when they visit this spectacular place. Wildlife treasures of Jaldapara consists mind-boggling varieties of animals namely; gregariously huge wild elephants, roaring Royal Bengal Tigers, herds of adorable swamp deer and hog deer makes appearance of the camp fresh and lively. Not to miss the mischievous wild pigs and hairy bison. 


Rarity of Jaldapara further includes hispid hare also goes by its local name Assam Rabbit and territorial animals such as hog-badger with looks peculiarly beautiful with its stocky brown body with piggish snout. Besides looking at the mysterious animals visitors also get the lifetime opportunity to venture through Jaldapara on an elephant rides and thought-melting walk around the whispering tall grasses. 


The scintillating atmosphere of Jaldapara Camp enlightens the senses to an entirely sublime level of wildlife experience. 




How to reach

The accessibility of New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri railway stations including well-connected routes from state and national highways.




Aranya Restaurant

Gigantic areas of Jaldapara Camp enables ample of space to wild animals. Jaldapara’s thoughtful facilities keep animals active...




Bird Watching

Jaldapara Camp has combination of vibrant terrain, abundance of vegetation, largely populated insect life and avifauna.




Buxa Tiger Reserve ( Jayanty ) 


Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary 


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 


Rasik Bill wetland 


Buxa Tiger Reserve 



Address: Jaldapar Camp,West Bengal
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