MPT Jungle Resort - Kuno Palpur - Madhya Pradesh

Kuno-Palpur WLS spread over in an area of 344.686 km² is one of the most well preserved and protected areas of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated between 77º 7´ and 77º 26´ E longitudes and 25º 20´ and 25º 53´ N latitude in world map. The existing area of 344.686 km² was notified as a WLS as per Govt. of M.P. notification no. 15-8-79-X-2 dated 16.01.1981. The WLS has its headquarters at Sheopur, which is the district headquarters. The sanctuary has a vast richness and diversity of indigenous flora and fauna which represents a typical cross-section of the dry deciduous forest of the Central India.


Address: Kuno Palpur, Madhya Pradesh, India ,Madhya Pradesh
Hotel Type: Hotel

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AC Room 19-04-2021 to 30-09-2022 0
AC Suite Room 19-04-2021 to 30-09-2022 0