Neeleshwar Hermitage - Kasaragod - Kannur - Kerala


An oasis of calm set in twelve naturally landscaped acres, Neeleshwar Hermitage is built according to the traditional architectural principles of Kerala Vastu. The whole site oriented to the east and the rising sun, while the buildings are all placed in correct relation to each other, the four directions and the site as a whole.  The traditional wood-and-thatch architecture is balanced with stylish contemporary touches and familiar modern comforts.  The site overlooks a gloriously unspoiled beach of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions. The sea is clean and safe for swimming most of the year.



Northern Kerala, traditionally known as Malabar, is a jewel awaiting discovery. Empty beaches fringed by coconut plantations, peaceful inland waterways and lush hillside spice gardens are features of an undisturbed rhythm of life set against the immensity of the ocean.

The Hermitage is approximately two hours from Mangalore international airport and between four and five hours from Calicut international airport. It is directly linked with the rest of the state by air, road and train.


18 Detached Cottages

Modelled on traditional fishermen's huts, each of our 18 beautiful cottages offers privacy, comfort and individuality. Sea view cottages, private pool cottages and garden view cottages are available, each with its own unique character.

All cottages have the same facilities; those overlooking the lovely gardens can be used by families or parties who would like to be together. All the rooms can have a single bed added if so desired.

Each building is positioned amidst the verdant foliage to give its occupants a sense of peace and privacy; light and airy, each is named after a traditional yogic virtue. Constructed in the local laterite stone and topped by tile or thatch, all are embellished with carved and dressed woodwork fashioned in traditional style by local craftsmen so skilled that their usual work is building and restoring temples.

Teak floors, high ceilings and generous proportions, locally handmade wooden furniture and antique and contemporary objets d'art from Kerala complete the ambience, giving each room its own special charm. A welcome modern touch is the ipod and docking station, so guests can use their own devices. 

Restaurants & CuisineSit and see the early morning dolphins, watch the birds over the small lagoon, be lulled by the sound of the waves or spend the evening under the brilliant canopy of stars.

We believe that good food makes a good life and given Kerala’s history and cultural diversity, are able to draw on an extraordinarily varied cuisine, incorporating Indian, Middle-Eastern and European flavours.Authentic, Delicious & Nutritional.




The Annapurna restaurant, dedicated to the Goddess of Nourishment, is the centre of the site. Annapurna specialises in authentic, predominantly vegetarian food not usually seen in hotels. Our cooking skills are honed by ayurvedic teaching on the importance of attending to the appearance, balance, flavour, enjoyment and nutritional effects of any dish.

The Annapurna dining room consumes virtually no energy. Its elegant pillared lateral spaces are open to the verdant gardens on all sides, allowing a sea-cooled breeze to circulate, while the warmer air is released upwards through the large, open light well that stands in the centre of the hall. With such natural ventilation secured, there is no need of air-conditioning, which is very costly in energy terms, and during the day, no need of any electricity. What light is needed after dark is subdued and comes from small and localised sources, while the dining tables and sitting areas are lit by candles.

Bar and Drinks

There are two bar areas in the hotel: the Annapurna bar in the main restaurant and the Varuna bar overlooking the pool. Both are cosy and intimate spaces where you can relax with old friends or make new ones. 


Cookery Classes

Due to Malabar’s historical openness to the wider world, the cuisine in this part of India is very varied. One of our specialities at the Hermitage are local Malabar dishes usually not seen in international hotels, along with mouthwateringly fresh fish bought daily from our local fishermen. We offer regular Cookery Classes for our guests under the tutelage of our resident chefs. So you can not only enjoy our food while you are here but take a nourishing skill back home with you.


This is a Garden View Cottage

Name: Ananda (the yogic quality of Bliss)

Dimensions: 5.50 metres x 6.10 metres

Beds: Double or twin as required

Bathroom: Garden courtyard with twin basins and rain shower

Original artwork: Roy Thamburan (E Address: Dist. Kasaragod, Northern Kerala,Kerala
Hotel Type: heritage

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Room Period Validity Price Per Night
Deluxe Garden View Cottage Single Occupancy 17-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Deluxe Sea View Cottage Double Occupancy 17-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0