Pal Haveli - Jodhpur / Rajasthan

When the whole world was fascinated by the royal abodes of Kings and Queens, Thakurs of Pal, the scions of Thakur Umaid Karan Ji opened their mansion for the guests travelling to Rajasthan.  Set under the gaze of mighty Mehrangarh Fort, the home of three generations; Pal Haveli, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, presents a real-life experience lived by the nobles, and the first officials of the Royal Court to the guests.


Pal Haveli is a true traveller’s dream who feasts on grandeur, indulgence and heritage. As soon you enter the towering Pal Haveli, the gigantic arched door ushers the guests into a resplendent courtyard sheltered by hundred years old Neem tree from where the city noises fall silent and time takes a turn towards history. The living museum of Jodhpur, today with 21 rooms and suites, Pal Haveli breathes the legacy of a prodigious family cherished each day, history that breathes legendary stories from each of its courtyards and rooms, and history that touches the souls of its visitors. We believe in opening our rooms and suites to more than relaxing nights, but for a real-life experience of the nobility. Set in heritage architecture that seamlessly blends into the urban style, the rooms and suites at Pal Haveli are still keeping the taste and character of its occupants alive. No extensive refurbishment was done and the elements are kept the same way as used by the family decades ago. A different room for each generation is the most beautiful essence of the haveli where every component enlivens with grandeur and historical tales whenever a guest checks in. For a delightful stay, the rooms and suites of Pal Haveli come well equipped with new-age amenities like a king-sized or twin beds, a study area in the room, an en-suite bathroom, with impeccable services.


 Royal Heritage Rooms


The royal heritage rooms emanate an old-world feel from their restored décor. Enhanced with artifacts and real-life rare paintings, the obtainable aura of these rooms gives its guests a taste of Jodhpur’s luxury with the ornately carved wooden furniture and teakwood ceilings.


Heritage Rooms


A step ahead towards the aristocratic lifestyle, the Royal Heritage rooms are exquisitely enriched with treasured, antiquated furniture and the décor is reminiscent of the historic times with vegetable-dyed paintings and interesting artifacts that have a story to tell.


Historical Suites


The ornate Historical suites feature the excellence of Rajput architecture, marked by elaborately painted pillars, original glass-stained windows, various artifacts and weaponry. You’ll experience the most indulgent moments in these Historical Suites where luxury is met with unmatched hospitality for the ultimate cultural; historic encounters.


Indique - Restaurant & Bar

 With a captivating view of the majestic Mehrangarh in the backdrop, and 360-degree view of other tourist attractions like Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, Clock Tower and Gulab Sagar from the terrace, Indique, after the evening takes over, is an open museum to enrapture the diners. The imposing open-air restaurant that offers a truly romantic setting for a private candlelit dinner is divided into two parts- Indique- with a view of the city lights from the topmost terrace; and Daudi- originally a ladies’ courtyard transformed into an open-air bar and dining space at a lower level serves as a perfect setup for sundowner. An effervescent drink and toothsome pop snacks while watching the setting sun is sure to claim your heart. Here, a spectacular mix of Rajasthani food with vintage and exotic blends and beverages in an old world stately ambience are served to the guests. The spectacular view of the skylights renders a sumptuous gastronomical experience under the moon. 


Address: Gulab Sagar, Jodhpur - 342001 (Rajasthan) - INDIA,
Hotel Type: Hotel

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Heritage Room 17-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Historical Suite Room 17-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0
Royal Heritage Room 17-04-2021 to 31-03-2022 0